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Water Damage Inspection


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Here’s a nickel’s worth of free advise that could save you a lot of head-ache and some MONEY!

If you’ve had a flood damage or fire damage in your home or business and are considering contacting your insurance provider –


CALL UTAHFLOOD.COM BEFORE you contact your insurance company.

Here’s why:

  1. We’ll give you a no-obligation FREE PRE-Insurance Inspection/Evaluation that will help you decide weather or not it is worth filing a claim against your insurance.  The size of the job may not be above the cost of your insurance deductible.

  2. Claims Propensity is BAD!  If you don’t know what “claims propensity” is, it is a mathematical formula that many insurance companies use to help determine insurance premiums.  Even if you don’t even have an insurance claim some companies will use your “inquiry” about a claim as a strike against you.  It really sucks when your premiums increase even though you didn’t have a claim.

  3. You’ll talk like a PRO!  If you determine that an insurance claim is necessary, we’ll help educate you in the process of filing a claim.  You’ll have all the information you need to answer all of your adjusters questions.  It will make the process a whole lot smoother!!