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Let’s face it, although mold has silently been around forever, in the last 25 years it’s presence has made a big impact in our indoor environments.

Mold grows where there is excess moisture (water). Left unchecked, mold will consume wood, dust, carpet, food, and other items that it digests as nutrients. Left in a wet environment long enough, it will lead to structural damage.

Mold found growing in a home or business needs to be professionally removed and is just the company to do it.

Here’s why you should choose for professional mold removal:

  1. With mold – It’s what you CAN’T see that can hurt you!  Never thought of it like that have you?  That’s because mold spores are really, really, really small and can become airborne very easily.  Once spores are in the air is when the bad stuff happens. That’s when you breathe them in and they get into your lungs and can cause health problems.
  2. Excessive Mold growth needs to be dealt with VERY CAREFULLY!  We here at know how to perform mold removal Salt Lake City so that it doesn’t get spread to other areas of your home or business.
  3. Are You Trained to Remove Mold?  We ARE!  That’s right, we hold all necessary industry certifications and have successfully performed mold removal in hundreds of homes and businesses.  You can rest easy with the confidence that will safely remove the mold from your home.
  4. Scare Tactics – NO WAY!  Unlike other mold removal Salt Lake City companies who use unethical practices to scare people into using their companies, we here at will only give you sound, professional advise as to the removal of mold in your home or business.  After meeting with one of our mold removal professionals you will be armed with the knowledge you need to make an educated & informed decision.

There is no doubt, is the only company you should call for all of your mold removal Salt Lake City needs.  Guaranteed!