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Water Damage From Upstairs

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An upstairs toilet or bathtub overflows and suddenly water is flowing out the door and down the stairs. Depending on when you are able to stop the flow of water, you could end up with quite a large cleanup on your hands. Unfortunately, this type of situation is not uncommon, and water leaks or flooding […]

Water Damage in Salt Lake

Protect Your Home From Water Damage in Salt Lake   Many times homeowners realize they have water damage only after it’s too late for any preventative measures. Whether the water damage is a result of a leaking appliance or roof, by the time you begin seeing staining you could have a much larger problem like […]

How to Prevent Electrical Fires

Prevent Electrical Fires in Your Home   Families today are using more electronic powered items than ever before. What you many not realize is that by powering so many things at once, you may also be putting yourself and your home at risk of an electrical fire.   Homes built more than 40 years ago […]

How to Tell if Your Salt Lake Home Has A Water Leak

A leaking water pipe can go undetected for an extended period of time, slowly causing damage to your Salt Lake City home. Because water pipes are hidden behind walls and beneath floors, a slow leak is not easy to detect and there are usually no warning signs early on that will help identify the source of your […]

Water Damage From Ice Dams

  WATER DAMAGE FROM ICE DAMS Do you know what an ice dam is?  Do you know why it’s important to prevent them from happening?  Well, here’s a little “Ice Dam 101” that will help you to prevent a water damage cleanup situation in your home or business in the spring. An ice dam is […]

Water Cleanup Draper

WE’RE UTAH’S PREMIER WATER CLEANUP DRAPER COMPANY! (801) 590-8761 A broken pipe, an overflowing toilet, a faulty dishwasher or a leaky water heater can all wreak havoc on a home or business.  And when one of these unfortunate events (or countless others) happens in your life, calling the right company to clean up the mess […]

Mold Removal – Do I Have a Mold Problem?

How can you tell if you have a mold problem in your home or business? Mold can be present without the appearance of visible mold. Mold requires moisture to survive, so it is often found in areas where water damage has occurred or where there is excessive humidity.  Musty odors are a tale-tale sign of […]