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Hi, my name is Judd and let me thank you for visiting It is my pleasure to welcome you to my company. If you’re in need of information about water and flood restoration, fire & smoke cleanup or mold removal I’m confident that you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for here. As you browse around my website I’ll give you all the “stuff” you’ll need to make an informed decision about hiring a cleaning and restoration company, namely:

So, first things first. Let me start by telling you a little about me. Like I said before, my name is Judd Hanks and I’ve been in and around the water cleanup and repair industry my entire life. As a matter of fact, I’m a second-generation flood professional. Cleaning & restoration is in my blood. And as you can imagine, being in the industry for so long there’s not that much that I haven’t seen or experienced. From the seemingly small little bathroom flood to the extensive drying of a multi-story office complex after a fire sprinkler malfunction — I’ve done it all. I love to help the people in Salt Lake City in their times of need.

There are a lot of things we do here at that many of my competitors do too. The obvious things like 24-hour emergency response, trained and certified technicians, and state of the art meters and equipment. In my mind those are things every company should have. But, what’s most important for you to know are the many things that set apart from all the rest. I’d like to share some of them with you.

Top 4 Reasons is the Best Choice

1. To – You are Royalty: We understand how devastating even the smallest of damages can be to our customers. We know how these disasters disrupt and wreak havoc in their lives. And our customer’s property and well-being are the most important thing to us.
2. We feel the need – the need for SPEED! When it comes to flood damage cleanup our focus is SPEED! We know how inconvenient one of these events is to our customers and so we employ the best practices to dry their property in the fastest way possible. We often dry properties in as little as half the time that another company would take to dry it.
3. We only “zip-n-rip” when it is absolutely necessary. We believe that your water cleanup project should be prolonged only as a last resort. So if the items in your home or business that are wet can be dried in-place without damage, we’ll “dry – not pry” (tear thing out). This way we insure that “life as you know it” is back to normal long before it would be if a lot of demolition took place in your property.
4. Rock Solid Warranty: While other water damage cleanup companies give guarantees “lip service”, we don’t just stand behind our warranty — We Stand in Front of It! IF, on the very rare occasion we do fall short – we extend our workmanship warranty or guarantee for a full year beyond the industry norm. Our customers rest easy knowing that we’re always there for 2 FULL YEARS after their water cleanup project.

These are just a few of the things that “set us apart”. You’ll experience many, many more while we’re helping you through your particular water cleanup or fire & smoke damage project. I know you’ll be thoroughly pleased with We’re Salt Lake County’s Premier Water Cleanup Company and we can’t wait to prove it to you. So give me a call at 801-590-8761.  I can’t wait to help.
Thank you,

Judd Hanks